Renew Massage Therapy

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A little personal history about my oily journey. It started in 2010, and I am still completely blown away to this day about how amazing these things are! I said good-bye to all of my synthetic air fresheners and OTC drugs are rarely used in our home! I started using Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO's) in November 2016. One of the main reasons I switched and I'm never looking back to store bought brands is YLEO's SEED to SEAL. <<-- check this out!  #mindblown

There are two ways to order online, you can be a retail customer or become a member.

Why did I become a member? Well it was quite simple really, I seen value in the rewards, I wanted to enjoy these benefits:

Photograph of me at the Lavender farm in Mona, UT
  • Enjoy 24 percent off retail pricing on your favorite products.
  • Participate in the compensation plan and earn commissions.
  • Qualify for exclusive Young Living member events around the world.
  • Enjoy the benefits and convenience of Essential Rewards.

 If you want a great support system sign up with Renew Massage Therapy. It is my passion to help educate as many people as I can about the power of Essential Oils!
If you are ready to order you can do that here Young Living  My member #3473957

The business part of YLEO's really just fell into place nicely with my massage practice! But I know plenty others, that are not in any sort of related work, that grow a business. So if that interests great let me know, we can totally rock out some classes and get you on the right foot! NOW If this is something that may have you thinking "ugh... another company... blah blah blah!"  Please know that YLEO's is not a pushy company.  I certainly know that feeling and would NEVER do that! I SIMPLY LOVE THE PRODUCTS and it is my goal TO GET THEM IN AS MANY HOMES AS POSSIBLE! I have been educating myself on Essential Oils for 7 years now and have much knowledge to help you discover what essential oils will best suit you! If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Are you asking yourself... What are essential oils? Find out that information here. Surely you have heard of Lavender, and Peppermint!