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Postpartum Depression and Massage
9/22/2016: sources Massage Mag

Postpartum depression can be devastating to a new mother, her family and friends and her baby. Unfortunately this is a silent disease, one that gets little attention. Sadly depression is still seen as a shameful or a problem that is “all in your head” by many people, and that shame may be magnified when a new mother believes she should be experiencing the joy of parenthood rather than thoughts that life is crummy.  Just know you’re not alone! Whether it be PPD or any form of depression. Reach out! In one of my newest reads Carole Osborne, Certified Massage Therapist. Explains how skilled touch provided by a caring massage therapist can benefit new mothers and help alleviate postpartum depression. Massage therapy offers many physical and emotional benefits to clients suffering from postpartum depression.
In the article there was an example shared by massage therapist Angela Meyer, C.M.T of Roseville, California: she had a client who struggled with postpartum depression prior, and the client was determined to rally a support team to help her with her second child. At first [when, the client came in for massage], she was pale, exhausted, overwhelmed and a little weepy. Angela noticed results right away; the Clients cold hands and feet became warm, and the paleness turned to a healthy glow.  The clients overall demeanor seemed more balanced and grounded. The client returned and reported improved milk supply, and sleep quality. Angela noticed she had a genuine shine in her smile and eyes and a quick-witted joke that indicated that she was truly feeling good. Angela’s work with her client exemplifies massage therapy’s potential to prevent postpartum depression.

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Many massage therapists report that as few as three to five sessions tend to improve depressed women’s mood, reduce worry and increase enjoyable mother-baby interactions. One study even suggests that prenatal partner massage reduces likelihood of postpartum depression.

Now here is what I have noticed the last 7 years in this field. MASSAGE TRULY HELPS!  Massage Therapy, has helped me in my fight against depression.